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DÜSSELDORF. Pablo Picasso “The War Years 1939 – 1945” february 15 – june 14, 2020. K20 GRABBEPLATZ.

"I have not painted the war because I am not the kind of a painter who goes out like a photographer for something to depict. But I have no doubt that the war is in these paintings I have done." Picasso, 1944 The exhibition [...]

BARCELONA. “Carlos Pérez Siquier”14 february – 15 may 2020. Fundación MAPFRE Casa Garriga Nogués Exhibition Hall.

Carlos Pérez Siquier (1930), a leading figure in the forging of photographic modernism and the professionalizing of this medium in Spain, enjoys a prominent place on the Spanish scene, firstly for his neorealism work and later as a pioneer of color photography. Pérez Siquier [...]

PARIS. ”Tàpies aujourd’hui” 6 february -18 april 2020.Galería Mayoral.

The Mayoral Gallery is pleased to present the second exhibition at its parisian space: "Tàpies, Aujourd’hui". The exhibition will include a selection of eight paintings by Antoni Tàpies –carefully chosen by curator Arnau Puig for his plastic and expressive force– that date from a [...]

BERLIN. Elena Asins “Machines to change the world” 14 february – 14 march 2020. KOW Gallery.

Algorithms create a steadily growing part of our world. But we actually don't visually grasp them. The pure mathematics that take place behind the appearances of the digital age remain invisible to most people. The formal computing processes in the server halls of social [...]

NEW YORK. “The words you keep by Luis Burgos” 14 february – 21 march 2020. Instituto Cervantes.

Luis Burgos is a figurative artist born in La Rioja, Spain, with an extensive international career. Well known for his unique strong characters, and his depiction of larger than life portraits, Luis explores in this work the words never told, those hidden behind closed [...]

SANTA MOONICA. Cristina de Middel y Lola del Fresno “Las Hijas de los Días: 7 Female Views from the Margins” january 27 – april 19, 2020. Airport Gallery.

Science affirms that we are made out of atoms, but Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano states that we’re also made out of stories. In his book, Los hijos de los días (Children of the Days), he writes one story that reflects the feelings and vicissitudes for every [...]