CALI. Óscar Fernández Orengo “Let’s go on shooting” 7 november – 21 december 2018. Casa Proartes Cali.

Based on a selection of thirty portraits taken by photographer Óscar Fernández Orengo, who over a period of seventeen years (2000–2017) has photographed more than 450 Spanish and Ibero-American filmmakers, this exhibition traces the history of cinema in Spain and Colombia.

Some of Fernández Orengo’s superb photographic work has already been shown in several travelling exhibitions both in Spain and abroad, such as “A través de mis ojos”, “Cineastas contados”,”Cineastas contados… de ambos lados” and “Cineastas en su lugar”.

The photographer, who usually works with a Hasselblad X-Pan and who believes in black-and-white photography because “it gives versatility in all light conditions, as opposed to colour, which is more plastic”, also takes as his inspiration other artists who have worked mainly in black and white, such as Eugène Atget, Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, Robert Frank, David Goldblatt or Cartier-Bresson.

He confesses that his series are “a life project that started fifteen years ago, aimed at creating an exhaustive and unique photographic archive of Spanish and Latin American filmmakers of different generations”.

The idea of the unconventional panoramic format is taken from another one of Fernández Orengo’s references, Arnold Newman, who “portrayed personalities in their environment”. (AC/Española press-release)

Casa Proartes Cali.Cra. 5 #7-2, Cali, Valle del Cauca. Colombia

Image: Bigas Luna. Óscar Fernández Orengo