TURIN. Gema Rupérez “Democracy is not perfect” 30 october – 24 november 2018. Galleria Opere Scelte.

The works of Gema Rupérez develops around the desire to survive in a complicated society where not even Democracy is perfect. Instability, vulnerability and frustration are part of the emotive content of her works and in her research it is strong the awareness of human social responsibility The artist focuses on the social tensions and disparities, going beyond the gender abuse and the fight for equal rights, talking about the respect between human beings, pointing the finger on some kind of moral numbness, probably intensified by the cold media. Rupérez aspire to show outside the box, beyond the conventions proposed as the only possible realities of an hegemonic model and she tries to do it narrating unsolved problems, showing an instable and uncertain human condition, subject to continuous changes. Democracy is not perfect is an exhibition composed of artworks created between 2015 and 2018. Gema Rupérez uses different materials – walls of candies, steel wires as braided hairs, millions of lentils, fluctuating bread crumbs – which se defines as infiltration of contemporary everyday life in the traditional artistic iconography. Therefore, through installation, photography, video and drawing she reflects on power, on the contemporary society dystopias and on communication. In her work, in addition to a strong critic, there is an ironic and optimistic base, thanks to a lyric distortion of reality.

Gema Rupérez (Zaragoza, 1982) She graduated in Fine Arts at San Carlos (Valencia). She has completed her education in Urbino, in Italy, and she took part in workshops hold by artists such as Chema Madoz, Jannis Kounellis, Rogelio López Cuenca and Cristina Lucas. She obtains the D.E.A. with the project: Materiali plastici nella scultura contemporanea. La seduzione della trasparenza. Recently she obtained various grants and prizes: the Enaire Foundation JustMad grant (Madrid), the Ramón Acín grant (Diputación de Huesca), the 1 st prize in the Ramón J. Sender Fundation (UNED) Plastic Arts Contest, the 2nd prize at the 3rdInternational Emerging Artist Award (Dubai) and an artist-in-residency at Kiosko Gallery (Bolivia). She was also awarded a grant by Casa Velázquez (Madrid) and one by the Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Creators (Córdoba). Furthermore, she was awarded a prize during the XVIII International Biennale of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), the 1st prize in the Artistic Creation Contest organized by the José García Jiménez Foundati0n (Murcia) and the 1 st prize for sculpture and installation by Sta. Isabel de Portugal (Zaragoza). She has exhibited individually or collectively in Paris, Canada, United States, Japan, Bolivia, Italy and Spain. (Galleria  Opere Scelte press-release)

Galleria Opere Scelte via Matteo Pescatore 11/d, 10124 Torino



Image: Gema Rupérez. “Espacio personal” 2017