VESTFOSSEN. Bernardi Roig, Luis Vidal “Contemporary Chaos” 6 may – 23 september 2018. Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium

The title Contemporary Chaos will seem well suited to the visual experience that meets the visitor, for this exhibition embraces a huge variety of expressions and media: painting, photography, video, performance, and site-specific installations created for this occasion. As a whole, the exhibits reflect the plurality and diversity that typifies contemporary art. Despite their huge variety in visual vocabulary the works do share, however, a common awareness about the time and world in which they have been created.

The last decades have seen the ever-increasing globalisation of art. New markets and the ease of access to knowledge made possible by the technological revolution have resulted in a deluge of information about art. The 60 artists participating in this year’s exhibition represent four continents, many artists with roots in regions that were previously regarded as peripheral to the main art narrative. Trends in the art world are affected by art that springs from many more sources than before – and this is reflected in the exhibition. Curator Demetrio Paparoini.

Bernardi Roig  (Palma de Mallorca, 1965) is one of the most outstanding Spanish artists of the current international scene. His multidisciplinary work (sculpture, video, drawing, painting, texts) is an obsessive reflection on isolation, erotic drive and desire through a distilled language of minimalist and conceptual heritage that places the representation of the human figure in the epicenter of its problems. His obsessive and disturbing works can be understood as devices of solitude in which the urge to “speak from the impossibility of speech” is present, trying to find figures and images for a deranged time.

Born in Barcelona in 1970, Luis Vidal, is one of the Spanish artists with greater international projection. He has exhibited in Germany, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Peru and the US. His work, located between social commitment and artistic innovative settings, revolves around socially controversial issues. However, his work has not strayed from that irritating subversive quality, thanks to which its way from the risk of getting caught in the machinery of elite collectors and art critics.

Artists: Ljubodrag Andric (Canada), Paola Angelini (Italy), Ghazaleh Avarzamani (Iran), Nadiah Bamadhaj (Malaysia), Domenico Bianchi (Italy), Andrea Bianconi (Italy), Thomas Braida (Italy), Vanni Cuoghi (Italy), Espen Dietrichson (Norway), Lars Elling (Norway), Sergio Fermariello (Italy), Barnaba Fornasetti/Valeria Manzi (Italy), Letizia Fornasieri (Italy), Giovanni Frangi (Italy), Helgi Þorgils Friðjónsson (Iceland), Daniel & Geo Fuchs (Germany), Daniele Galliano (Italy), Timothy Greenfield-Sanders (USA), Gottfried Helnwein (Austria/Ireland), Paolo Iacchetti (Italy), Liu Jianhua (China), Bree Jonson (Philippines), Tamás Kaszás (Hungary), Ruprecht von Kaufmann (Germany), Chiara Lecca (Italy), Justin Lim (Malaysia), Sverre Malling (Norway), Masbedo (Italy), Sebastiano Mauri (Italy), Rafael Megall (Armenia), Alessandro Mendini (Italy), Maria Mulas (Italy), Kristoffer Myskja (Norway), Marco Neri (Italy), Nunzio (Italy), Georg Óskar (Iceland), Tony Oursler (USA), Ruben Pang (Singapore), Francesco Polenghi (Italy), Laurent Reypens (Belgium), Bernardí Roig (Spain), Anne Samat (Malaysia), Nicola Samorì (Italy), Christoph Schirmer (Austria), Andres Serrano (USA), Vibeke Slyngstad (Norway), Doug and Mike Starn (USA), Tjook (Norway), Liliane Tomasko (Switzerland), Natee Utarit (Thailand), Ronald Ventura (Philippines), Nicola Verlato (Italy), Luis Vidal (Spain), Wang Guangyi (China), Wang Qingsong (China), Wang Youshen (China), Peter Welz (Germany), Rose Wylie (United Kingdom), Sun Xun (China), Yue Minjun (China).

Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium. Fabrikkgata 11. 3320 Vestfossen. Norway

Image: «The man crushed by 250 kg of cocaine». Foto: Nina Ansten