SOFIA. Pierre Gonnord “Rooted” 9 may – 2 june 2018. Gallery Synthesis

The portraits of Pierre Gonnord celebrate the strength of the human condition that invite you to feel connected to it through the image of the faces of Asturian miners.

Pierre Gonnord (Cholet, France, 1963) lives in Madrid since 1988. Shelf-taugh photographer, at the end of 1998 begins his personal project about human face through a western young urban people portrait serie: Interiors (Madrid, 1999) and City (New York, 2001) and then Regards (2000-2003), Far East (Japón, 2003) and Utópicos (2004-2005) an approach to people usually considered as “outsiders” by society: tramps, prisoners, monks, yakuzas, geishas, urban gangs, blind or mentally ill people… Recently, he has approached to ethnic minorities such as gypsies or Balkan and Maghrebi people, through his serie Testigos.

Pierre Gonnord is one of the most recognised contemporary photography artists and a “soul hunter”, as critic and curator Rafael Doctor says. His work, based on portraits «tell, underneath the skin, singular and unusual stories about our time». His work has been exhibited at the most important european and american museums.

Gallery Synthesis . Ulitsa Vasil Levski 55. Sofia (BULGARIA)

Image: Pierre Gonnord